At Kalorex Pre Schools, we celebrate various functions like Children’s Day, Teacher’s Day, and festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Holi, Janmashtami, etc. to develop appreciation of our diverse culture. Thus, our roots are embedded in the rich Indian Heritage. Some festivals celebrated are:


Kalorex Pre School campuses become colourful and vibrant when the teachers and the students fly kites and fill the sky with vibrant colours.


The festival of colours is celebrated with great fun by the teachers and students by playing with dry colours.

Garba Celebrations:

The tiny tots of Kalorex Pre Schools come geared in traditional outfits of Gujarat and they perform the traditional Gujarati dance – Garba with their teachers on the tunes and beats of Gujarati songs.

Christmas: .

This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Few of the teachers dress up as Santa Claus and distribute gifts and chocolates to children.

Major Special Days celebrated at Kalorex Pre Schools are as below

Birthday Celebrations
Cartoon Celebrations
100th Day
Vibgyor Day
Funny Feet Day
Childrens Day
Friendship Day

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