Play Area:

For kids, its lot of fun mixed with learning. Kalorex Pre Schools have a huge sand pit where the children enjoy themselves thoroughly making full use of slides, swings, sea saw, balancing etc. To add to their fun there is a toy train.


It offers a vast collection of comprehensive books for young readers.The children are encouraged to develop their reading habits by guide picture reading.

Dance & Music Room:

Kalorex Pre Schools have a well designed music room where children go regularly. They learn to sing songs, recite sholakas & learn to dance on rhythm, in process, learn to appreciate music.

Specially Designed Activity / Block Room:

This room is equipped with latest and specially designed toys, blocks and puzzles which help in the development of fine and gross motor skills.

Audio–Visual Room:

Keeping in pace with the technology boom, the campuses have a computer lab equipped with a LCD projector for children which is used to show audio visual presentation.


Kalorex Pre Schools have an infirmary staffed with a qualified nurse who attends to the first aid needs of the children. The schools have a tie up with a hospital in case of an emergency. Health checkup of all children are carried out annually. The school also maintains health records.


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