Tips on Parenting:

It is important that schools form partnerships with parents to promote the social, emotional, and academic growth of children. It is the responsibility of all of us – parents, teachers, community members, and students to work together to help every child succeed. Children benefit greatly from loving, supportive relationships at home and at school. Research says family involvement in education makes a difference. You can make a significant difference in your child’s achievement at school and in life.

Parents are their children’s first teachers. You provide the foundation upon which all learning is built. We must invest time in helping our children grow into good citizens who live a life of purpose. Together we can help our children succeed. All tasks are made easier when shared. Let’s strengthen our partnership.

Ways you can help your child succeed:

Read to your child.

Talk, sing, and play with your child.

Keep sometime specially for telling stories and sharing your experiences with your children.

Give situations to your children and ask for their responses.

Discuss with your child that the family is like a team whose members share and work together for everyone’s good.

Have clay, crayons, paint, paintbrushes, blocks, puzzles, and paper available at home for your child.

Take your children out to parks and zoos. Discuss with your child what he/she sees when viewing the animals.

Listen to music together.

Encourage your child to join an organized activity.

Teach your child the difference between foods that are healthy for him/her and those that are not.

Make an effort to keep your promises.

Avoid comparing a child to other children. Cherish child’s individuality.

Allow children to make choices appropriate to their age level.

Help them express their feelings including anger and their wishes. Help them think about alternatives and solutions to problems.

Don’t do things for children that they can do for themselves.

Teacher is to be perceived as approachable, understanding and caring.

Keep in touch with the school and keep a track of what your child is learning.


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